An NPC fortress that has the WANDERER upgrade, making it difficult to locate. This fortress is the source of UltraWarper/25s, UltraCharger/7000, and UltraCloaks. Possibly the best fortress in the game, players are able to attack this fortress and claim it for their own.

Fortress EquipmentEdit

Terra Labs has eight pieces of specialty equipment:

1) Terra Labs Pack: Transporter, Scavenger/4, Wanderer, AntiSD, Devlock

2) Neutron Turbine: 350 energy/day

3) Vitronic Shield: 350hp

4) Dissolver: Moat 30-40 LR weapon

5) Destructor: 25-35 SR weapon

6) Terra Seller A: Devlock, Sell 1/203

7) Terra Seller B: Devlock, Sell 2/152

8) Terra Seller C: Devlock, Sell 3/193

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