Jeffrey's rumour is true. The fountain grants Strength to those who drink from it.

Check T-Code for a Z not 1 with one pylon; Red Keycard.


  • Kill
  • Silo
  • Fountain
  • Hercules - from the Stone Golems.

The shrine has one monster type, the Stone Golem, and only on the Shrine Floor terrain, so the ring of blue floor near the fountain chamber is safe. The map is only a few steps across.

Name HP Str Dex Agl LR Dmg SR Dmg Armor Exp Money Notes
Stone Golem 200 250 100 100 Stone Bow25-50 • e Stone Axe23-93 None. 15000 0 Stone Bow - stunner, shockwave, Stone Axe - ArmorBurn-8. (Stone Shield) • e

The golem's Stone Shield is the best; this is the only place to get it.

The Herc Fountain grants 25 Strength.