SSSS, or less commonly S4.

They'll buy any item for 65% of its base price.

Each outlet has a special on a particular item. At 40% off its base price. (This changes on maintanence.) More importantly, it can be any usable item, including things that aren't available in stores like the Quantum Field. There's a configurable limit of the special per customer per day; this is global.

Note: the special doesn't have weapon special features. An Uzi SMG bought from Sam's won't have three round burst! There's no point buying a Combat Phaser for 150000 from Sam's when it'll be exactly the same as a Comp Blaster for 50000.

ROM: Samlist, available in the DW HQ store, saves hiking all over the waste checking the day's special.

Locations Edit

Z X Y Practically?
1 62 4 North edge of the map, just east of Freedom City, but you'll have to swing around the mountain range. (Zone 2.)
1 7 6 Pass it leaving Sacre Base.
1 7 24 Very near to the south of Sacre Base; I forget it's there. You'll need to row or Beta Transport.
1 23 63 Zone 2, north of the silo and south of Barok's hut. Inside some walls. Annoyingly, there's a river running right past the door.
1 105 87 Zone 5, inside some walls, inside some mountains, there's a nuke strike east of the door. Middle of nowhere, really...
1 54 90 Not accessible on foot, not even from the nearby Widow Base. If something interesting comes up for sale, fortress absolute transport (Transporter, 25,000,000) may be involved. Zone 4.
6 13 13 DW HQ, mind the Kill-O-Matic Series 7s.
8 9 15 Frost Bite (zone 4).

Everyone else Edit

As well as buying for less, each of these has their own way in which they're less convenient than a Sam's located near a fortress. Except for Frost Bite and the DW HQ, where there's a Sam's in the same building.

  • Frost Bite: 62%
  • Widow HQ: 56%
  • Freedom City: 52%
  • DW HQ: 54%
  • Blood Lust: 64%