Being the adventurer to retrieve a Puritron part rewards 500,000 money and 75,000 experience. It also causes an immediate trip to the fountain in Sacre Base, which can be inconvenient if you wanted to collect the salvage and/or don't know where to invest attribute points.

Rad ExtractEdit

Phaser Cache, east. Special Quests#7

Storage VesselEdit

Pylons Special Quests#6


Draku HQ, not reachable on foot. Three U-Pylons (Red Keycard) right on top of it; 1,73,97, zone 4.

Name Draku Leader
Str/Dex/Agl 75/75/75 HP 130
LR weapon WidowBlaster25-32 • e
SR weapon WidowLance19-37
Armor Widow Armor/600
Exp 18,000 Money 250,000
Notes WidowBlaster - Burst!

You cannot fight this boss again.


Zone 6

Name Circulator boss
Str/Dex/Agl 100/100/100 HP 175
LR weapon TerrorBlast50-99 • e
SR weapon Cabal Sceptre56-113
Armor Quantum Field/2000
Exp 40,000 Money 500,000
Notes TerrorBlast - Stunner, 3 round burst, grenade launcher (Cabal Shield)

Carries a Grenade Pack/25 for the TerrorBlast. Quantum Field has no mods.

You cannot fight this boss again.

Nova CellEdit

You will need a Silo Key, which can only be obtained hunting in Zone 3; also, access to Green Keycard pylon (D-Pylon) transport.

The Silo Key is sometimes carried by Traders in Zone 3. The Green Keycard is sometimes, but rarely, carried by Scavengers in Zone 1.

Tranlius, for those of us who forget at least one of our Green Keycard and Silo Key (and need to spend twenty five million instead), is at 1,35,74, zone 3.

Name Tranlius Defender
Str/Dex/Agl 65/65/65 HP 95
LR weapon Combat Phaser16-22 • e
SR weapon ElectroLance10-20
Armor Energy Armor/500
Exp 12,000 Money 20,000
Notes Combat Phaser - burst, stunner

Cannot be refought.


Cave, south edge. Heed the warnings of the nearby hermit! (Your gear will be found at the cave, which can be inconvenient if you only had one Cryo-Unit.)

The only equipment that you can use during this combat are DREAM equipment: Dreamsabre, Dreamblaster, Dreamarmor, and Dreamstuff. All other equipment is DROPPED at that location and removed from your inventory. Before fighting this boss, equip your DREAM equipment. Be sure to have Dreamstuff as well, since this is the fuel for your DREAM weapons. Be sure your character is extremely powerful, since WARPERS are dropped before the battle starts. After you obtain the PURITRON part, you will be automatically teleported back to Sacre Base. You will then have to travel back to this location in order to pick up an dropped equipment.

Name Cave boss
Str/Dex/Agl 80/80/80 HP 140
LR weapon DreamBlaster60-99 • e
SR weapon DreamSabre39-68
Armor DreamArmor/800
Exp 20,000 Money 30,000
Notes (DreamBlaster not burst.)

Cannot be refought.


IcePick's cave, near Frost Bite, to the south.

Name IcePick
Str/Dex/Agl 60/60/60 HP 100
LR weapon Frost Cannon25-32 • e
SR weapon Frost Sceptre? (base 10-20)
Armor Frost Vest/600
Exp 12,000 Money 11,500


Special Quests#16

Name Sub-Patriarch
Str/Dex/Agl 90/90/90 HP 165
LR weapon TachyonBlaster50-65 • e
SR weapon A-Mk.II52-63
Armor Phase Armor/1000
Exp 25,000 Money 25,000
Notes TachyonBlaster - burst!

Rad ConverterEdit

Sonic Whistle, zone 5.

You will need to obtain a Sonic Whistle from a Serpine. Once you obtain it, use it in any DESERT area. Once you use the whistle the Serpine Camp (SC) will appear. Enter the camp to enter combat mode to attack this boss. The zone level where you use the whistle does not matter. You can even summon the camp in Zone 1 if you wish.

Name Serpine Chief
Str/Dex/Agl 85/90/80 HP 150
LR weapon TachyonBlaster50-65 • e
SR weapon A.Mk-II50-60
Armor Phase Armor/1000
Exp 25,000 Money 200,000
Notes TachyonBlaster - burst!