Land of Devastation is a popular door game (a game written for use on a bulletin board system (BBS); but don't let that stop you playing on your own computer!).

In the far future, and the world has experienced our worst fears. A nuclear holocaust wreaked havoc on the surface of Earth and only one small group of humans in secluded Sacre Base remain unaffected. After the war, they worked to bring stability to the area around them and build the Puritron, which would filter radioactive contaminants out of huge quantities of air. Before it could be put to use, however, it was stolen by various factions of mutants and the pieces were scattered far and wide.

As a new recruit, your job is to help establish order and, if possible, locate pieces of the Puritron and return them to Sacre Base.

Land of Devastation is shareware. Please support Scott Baker's work - and a bit of semi-obscure BBS history - and register.

Registration also opens the irreplacable and plan-changing ACME Weapons.


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