Name Unlocks Where to get it
Fountain Key Dex Fountain, Agl Fountain in Sacre Base. 10% drop from Scavengers (zone 1)
Kill Key Special quest Follow the river southwest until you find the HT.
DW Bypass Key Skip the corridoor full of Kill-O-Matic Series 7s. A convenience for people who've already reached the DW HQ Store.
Casino Key Get to where the casino keeps the profit. (Generated on maintenance.) Pit Boss
Silo Key To get into Tranilus by pylon. 10% drop from Traders (zone 3)
Hercules Key Herc Fountain, Shrine of Hercules 25% drop from Stone Golem
Name List price? Appraise? Sell? Where
Key Ring 6,250 5,000 3,250 Added keys still open doors! Freedom City


You may find your path to ACME Weapons, Ed's or even just zone 3 blocked by, well, water. If you have one of these in your inventory, this is not a problem. (Well, except for thieves.)

Name List price? Appraise? Sell? Where
Home-Made Raft n/a 25,000 16,250 Boat Plans
MiniRaft 62,500 50,000 32,500 Base, Freedom City, Death Warrior HQ


Frost Bite