Below is a list of publicly hosted games of LOD. Please add more when you find them.

Name Telnet Address Time Limit Notes
Escape To Other Worlds 546
Masquerade 546 Also available using Flash

RRX 546 Also available over SSH and Flash
Convolution BBS 546 can use flash
The Undermine Telnet:// 546
The Shadowlands BBS 120 Also available over http and https
Sacre Base BBS telnet:// 120
Gamebanshee BBS 120 Has web browser client

The time limit affects the game dynamics by altering the ratio of play time vs. maintenance events.

Short time limit Long time limit
Fortress factories produce more frequently (better ROI) Fortress factories produce less frequently (ROI not as good)
Wandering fortresses change locations more frequently.

More time to locate a wandering fortress (good for the looker, not good for the hider).

Sacre base rent more substantial (camping more frequently). More time to salvage items, offsetting the cost of rent.
Bank interest occurs more frequently (more useful) Bank interest is less frequent (less significant compared to salvaging equipment)