This maze stands between the wasteland and the secret home base of the Fang Gang.

The entrance is at 53,51; zone 3. It is a lot more dangerous inside!

Start: 4,3,3

End: 4,31,31

Hell Route

Route through the maze

Monsters include:

  • Grim Reaper
  • Fang Gang Elder
  • Baby Jenks
  • Fang Gang Warrior
  • Fang Gang Fledgling
  • Super Gamma Tiger

If you're not comfortable surviving in Zone 5 you won't be comfortable trying to navigate the maze.

Curiously, you can build fortresses in there, letting you bypass the maze; don't forget you still need two Bloodring to get out of the maze and back in again. (There's always your Warper if you forget the second ring...)

Blood Lust Edit

After all that backtracking and being clobbered, when you're done chatting at the tavern, there's not much to see:

Name List price? Appraise? Sell?
ROM: Ping 312,500 250,000 162,500  • e
ROM: MineScan 312,500 250,000 162,500  • e
ROM: AntiPing 3,125,000 2,500,000 1,625,000  • e